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Sam Aircraft THE SAM

Expand your dreams

Experience the SAM



The SAM is a perfect balance between retro style and scientific innovation

The Sam has been inspired by the legendary trainers of the Golden Age. A retro look aircraft with modern comfort, technology and flying manners.

The Sam is a low wing semi-monocoque structure using a 4130 steel protection cage, covered with an aluminum skin. The aircraft structure is tough and durable and offers years of safe and fun flying.

Designed to welcome tall persons, the cabin offers comfortable space to accommodate 6'-6'’ pilots in a tandem configuration with the pilot in the front.

Throttle on the left, stick in the middle, you are part of the machine.


•  Lycoming 180 HP or similar

•  Fuel tanks, welded aluminum in outboard wings,

  18 gal each

•  Fuselage protection cage in 4130 steel,

•  Airframe  6061-T6 aluminum

•  Electric Fowler flaps, 35° and electric trim

•  Solid riveted spar and Avdel rivets for the


•  Load factor: Utility category at 1800 lbs gross  

  weight. +5/-2.2 g at 1580 lbs.

•  Wing airfoil : NACA 23015



•  Cabin width at the shoulder : 26'' top area and

  +31" inside.

•  Comfortable for all pilots up to 6' 6'' tall

•  Pilot seat in front, solo from front

•  Dual controls: Sticks, rudder pedals, throttles

•  Flights with canopy closed or open

•  Cabin heat

•  Upholstered adjustable seats

•  Tail dragger or steerable nose wheel

•  1 baggage compartment - 2nd one is optional

•  Main tire : 600X6

The SAM is a convertible craft

At SAM Aircraft we want everybody to experience flying closed and open canopy, so it comes standard.

We installed 3 quick disconnect pin, it takes 5 minutes to switch from closed to open canopy


So open the top with your SAM convertible craft, wear your leather helmet and googles and dance with the clouds.


The SAM is a roomy, spacious aircraft

Designed to welcome tall persons, the cabin offers comfortable space to accommodate 6'-6'’ pilots in a tandem configuration with the pilot in the front.

Cabin width is 26'', length 92’’ and height is 42’’.  

The seats are ergonomically designed for long flight.

Throttles and electric flaps are on your left, stick in the middle. Trim and Push To Talk are located on the stick.


All switches and controls are well positionned for easy acces.



Structural analysis was done with Solidworks, and checked with a more conventional method.

-  Empty Weight

- Gross weight

- Useful load

- Wing span

- Aircraft length

- Wing area

- Aircraft height

- Wing Loading

- Power Loading

- Fuel capacity


1150 lbs

1800 lbs

650 lbs

28.7 ft

21.2 ft

138 sq ft

8.9 ft

13.1 lb/sq ft

10 lb/hp

38 gal


- Cruise speed 75%

- Cruise speed 55%

- Top speed


- Rate of climb

- Stall clean

- Stall flaps

+5/-2.2 g

+4.4/-2.2 g

+3.8/-1.9 g

142 HP

125 mph

155 mph

180 mph

1600 fpm

60 mph

50 mph

1580 lbs

1800 lbs

1800/2000 lbs

Grand champion LSA category

The SAM LS received the grand champion award for the LSA category at Sun 'N Fun 2014.

While the SAM LS participated at Sun 'n Fun 2014 in Paradise city area, EAA jury recognized the beauty and the workmanship of the SAM LS.

AWARD  2014


The New SAM-EX - Based on the original SAM Aircraft prototype introduced a few years ago by its developer Thierry Zibi, the new SAM-EX sports an all-new look, configured as a taildragger and with a new 180-hp Lycoming O-360.  The EX model has a gross weight of 1,800 lbs. (useful load of +650 lbs.), wing tanks totaling 38 gallons, and can operate in the Utility category. Cruise speed is 140 to 150 mph depending on engine size and installed propeller, with stall speed of 50 mph. Cabin width at the top is 26-inches and more than 31-inches wide inside the roomy fuselage.

Painted or not ?

Above performance figures are with the Lycoming O-360- (180 BHP: adjustable Sensenich composit propeller. Standard atmosphere, sea level, no wind. All technical data, specification and performance figures subject to change without prior notice.